Things You Need to Be Careful About Under Eye Cream

Under-eye creams are formulated for skin under the eyes, which is delicate and needs extra care. These creams are of mild formulation without any harsh chemical composition. As you know, eyes are sensitive, so you need to be careful about the usage of eye cosmetics. Before purchasing the under-eye cream, it is necessary to know about different information and facts. You need to note that the skin under the eyes lacks oil glands, unlike the chin, cheeks, nose, and forehead. The skin health under the eyes remains unhealthy. It easily gets darkened, and fine lines appear easily.

Why Under Eye Skin Needs Extra Care?

As discussed earlier, the skin is very delicate. The skin is 10 % thinner under the eye compared to other areas of the face. Therefore, it needs special care and attention. Based on the dermatologists’ study and research, the under-eye creams are manufactured with an effective and special formulation. The chemical formulation of dark circles cream is made with moderate to mild chemicals so that it causes any harm to the eyes and sensitive skin.

Why Should You Avoid Face Creams Under The Eye?

Face creams work great for your entire face. It provides good moisturizing, hydrating and brightening properties. But it is not suitable for the under-eye skin. It won’t show any benefits for the delicate skin. The face creams are very thick in texture, and the nutrients can’t penetrate inside the under-eye skin.

The face creams also constitute chemicals and fragrances that can harm the eye’s skin, causing irritation. So, it’s better to avoid face creams and moisturizers for under-eye care. When you search for the best under-eye cream in India, you will get top-rated dermatologist-tested creams.

Effective Steps To Apply Under Eye Cream


Always use the ring finger to apply the under-eye cream. It is recommended because it is the weakest finger; therefore, it will give a gentle touch.


Only use a pea-sized amount of product. It is not necessary to apply so much dark circles cream.


When you apply, ensure that you are applying in a dotted manner. Gently tap and make small dots under the eyes. You need to start from the innermost corner and move outward. Always avoid cream contacting the bottom eyelashes. If accidentally the cream touches the lashes, immediately wipe them with a cloth. When it enters the eye, it may irritate.


You don’t have to rub the cream. Gently pat it under the eye.


Wait at least two minutes. The under-eye cream will get absorbed into the skin. It lets the cream fully absorb.


Now you are ready to apply other eye cosmetics and makeup.

It is recommended to take a sufficient amount of eye cream for dark circles. But avoid a lot of it because it may enter inside your eyes. Avoid the eyelid portion while applying. It is suggested under eye creams before applying the moisturizer and sunscreen.

Right Time To Apply Under Eye Cream

You can apply under eye cream at various times in the day. But different eye creams have different formulations; therefore, you must know the application time.

Morning Time

During the morning time, when you are getting ready to go out, it is recommended to use lightweight formulas. This type of under-eye cream during the daytime will make you feel more comfortable under makeup. The heavy formulation can make you feel heavier with the makeup. Also, choose a product with good SPF content for wrinkle reduction.

Evening Time

When under-eye cream is applied during the evening, the nutrients can absorb into the skin overnight. You must choose an eye cream with nourishing and hydrating ingredients and no SPF. It will suits better this time.

Both Morning and Evening Time

When you wish to get all the above benefits from an under-eye cream, you can apply it both times. Before purchasing, ensure that you have bought an all-rounder eye cream with different formulas.

But, the ideal time for applying the under-eye cream is based on the preferences and goals. But regardless of the time and routine, you have to apply it once every 12 hours. You don’t have to apply the same product all day or night. These things are necessary to remember and note before applying the under-eye cream.

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